hometea's website

yo, welcome to my neocity! this is W.I.P right now (just like other neocities on here) so please come back later for something better :)

the design for this website will probably align with others from the 90's because it is simpler to create and because the internet is becoming oversaturated with boring and monotonous website templates and shit like that. i may also create a different page that would be more modern looking with some css, but it will never be the main page of this neocity or be based on a template

i registered on March 12th, 2023 but i only just started working on it on the night of March 13th, 2023

of course, i am now just learning HTML and then eventually CSS. so i hope that eventually this site evolves into something cool but only time will tell.

ok, i just finished this beginner html tutorial over on HTMLdog. perhaps i will tinker around a little bit more before fully moving on to css

i followed chapter 1 of the tutorial on the website. very nice! i like the cute picture of the cat in the banner above. :)

the aurora borealis... cool!

cool picture of the aurora borealis (not mine)


gif courtesy of combatbaby

testing sandbox where some shit happens, main site will be above

here is a test of text markup... cool! :D

woops... some stuff broke, my bad LMFAO (i keep having brain issues)

a brain issue could be defined as a small mistake due to your brain being faster than your thoughts or... the other way around. sometimes i cant tell myself lol


testing tables, wtf happened

testing a table, what is happening wtf, is happening Row 1, cell 3
Row 2, cell 1 Row 2, cell 2 Row 2, cell 3
Row 3, cell 1 Row 3, cell 2 Row 3, cell 3
Row 4, cell 1 Row 4, cell 2 Row 4, cell 3

testing inputs and stuff

text thingy

are you awesome?

another list except this is a subheading looking thing!

some other things i like (but more advanced code maybe)